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everyone knows
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in kindagiggly's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
6:05 pm
two days!
i see my boyfriend in TWO days!! you know what that means? sitting on me and rib tickling.. grabbing my feet and stroking until i cry im laughing so hard, and belly rasberries..

aghhh.. i love it =)

i wanna be tickled nowwwww.. and some sex please =)

Current Mood: excited
Friday, September 23rd, 2005
6:11 pm
Let your panties hit the floor
Let your body steal the show right now
It seems like you're ready
So come on girl I just can't wait to see us naked

i just want to feel someone's arms around me.. holding me so close to them afraid that if their grip loosens i'll slip away..

someone whose breath shakes when they see me naked in the doorway.. who when they kiss me close their eyes so tight because they dont want to forget that moment, but need to open them to see me.. to look at me.. all of me.

someone who doesnt just show me affection when we're together .. but when we're apart cant wait to call me in the morning to say i love you.. someone who hears my voice and their heart melts.. someone who shows me each day how much they love me, who tells me every day that i'm beautiful, and.. gives me that reassurance when we're not together that he cares and that he is there.

show me.. tell me.. i need to see it, i need to hear it.. especially when we're not close in miles.

Current Mood: lonely
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
12:32 pm
allow me to introduce myself
name: Susan
age: 19
location: currently baltimore, md for college
sees through: light blue
locks: brunette
reach for the stars: 5'7"
weigh it down baby: 125
shoe size: 7.5-8 depending on the shoe
wearing: barefeet, red spaghetti strap shirt, shorts
status: single? sort of? ... not tied down, no
quote: love never fails
music: everything from mariah carey to big and rich to life house to vertical horizon

when was the last time you ...
got a pedicure: 2 weeks ago
kissed someone: 2 weeks ago
had sex: 2 weeks ago
went to a party: last weekend
cheated on someone: never
dated someone: it's been a few months
fought with someone: yesterday
cried: 3 days ago
were tickled: 2 weeks ago =(
tickled someone: 2 weeks ago =(
laughed: i dont laugh, i *giggle* hehe.. ;)
were given a tummy rasberry: I LOVE THOSE hehe .. my tummy is a lil sensitive.. *giggle*
took a picture: last weekend
were hit on: yesterday..? i guess?

how ticklish ARE you?: depends?..
where are u most vulnerable to fingers: is this tickle-sexual or sexual-sexual ;)
what's your reaction when you are poked, squeezed, tickled?: poke (squeal and giggle) sqeeze (scream and giggle--even after you've stopped) tickle (i buck and gigle and eventually just laugh hysterically wriggling around)
do u like to be tickled: it is SO sexy
if someone says "tickle" ... : you have my FULL attention
if someone taunts you: .. evil.. but sexy
tickler or ticklee?: if you dont tickle me, i'll tickle you!
bondage? at times ... surrender is sexy as hell..
tickler: female or male, female if there are long finger nails, male, must be older than me.. my age or younger isnt as sexy
ticklee: female.. i can dominate with a girl, but i'd much rather have the guy work me into a frenzy ;) .. im a huge tummy tickle rasberry fan on men though ;)
how long have u enjoyed it: entire life ... all 19 years and counting
you see someone being tickled in public: thoughts (me next!) reaction (i stare. i look at the eyes of the tickler, the face of the ticklee, and then i zero in on their fingers and the skin)
turn on: the feeling of a girl's skin when i tickle her with long finger nails .. squeeze her sides and watch her jump.. sexy. the feeling of a guy exploring my naked body aggresively ... softly ... tickles and all .. arousing
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